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PSL 201 Lecture 5 - neurons Hodgekens’s Disease Damage to...

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PSL 201 > Lecture 5 Active immunity: Inactivated microorganisms introduced primary immune response (antibodies + memory cells natural exposure the latency period is less. Passive immunity: Directly injecting antibodies. Snake venom. Viral Infection 1) B cells binds antigen Plasma makes antibody, Memory cells remember the antigen. 2) Meanwhile Helper T cells makes cytotoxic T cells that binds to MHC class I to infected cell. 3) Cytotoxic T cells release perforin that creates pores for lysis. Allergic response: IgE antibody. Immediate response is by antibodies . Delayed response is by T lymphocytes. 1) B cells recognise pollin plasma makes antibodies IgE and memory remembers 2)IgE binds to mast cells release histamines. Coughing sneezing. Anaphylactic shock Life threatening allergic reaction. Dramatic decrease in blood pressure. Autoimmune Disease Multiple Sclerosis- T cells attack mylanated
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Unformatted text preview: neurons. Hodgekens’s Disease Damage to the lymphatic system HLA- Human Leukocyte Antigen – Need to match for tissue or organ transplant. Blood type Antigen on RBC Antibodies on plasma Genotypes O O Anti A,B Ii A A Anti B I A I A or I A i B B Anti A I B I B or I B i AB AB None I A I B Universal donor no antigens Universal recipient no antibodies to attack the antigen. (Slide) Rh factor-(rhesus monkey) a group of antigens found on found on RBC. Subgroup called D antigen determine in + or - . If baby Rh – and mother Rh + problem during pregnancy mothers blood not exposed to babies but during birth exposed and mother makes antibodies during second mothers body attacks the baby. Antibodies aggregate Erythroblastosis (anaemic conditions). Solution b4 birth give the baby antibodies so the mothers don’t attack and make memory and T cells....
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