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PSL 201 > Mavrogiannis > Renal Lecture 4 ADH By regulating permeability to water can vary concentration of urine. Antidiuretic Hormone regulates the distil tubule permeability. Absence of ADH the distil tubule is impermeable to water. More ADH (hormone secreted by pituitary) means more aquaporin-2. ADH binds to membrane of principle cells, activation of the G protein adenylase cyclise cAMP, protein kinase A activated. Protein kinase A inserts more channels. Regulation of ADH Secreted in the pituitary gland (paraventricular nucleus)– changes in the osmolarity of extracellular. Osmoreceptiors in the hypothalamus monitor the osmolarity if osmolarity increases ADH increases. MAP decrease ADH increase. Hypovolemia loss of blood (10-15%). Osmolarity of extracellular fluid increase osmoreceptors respond in hypothalamus. ADH released in prosterior gland increased water reabsorbtion in kidney and reduced excretion. Blood volume decrease MAP decrease barareceptors stimulated (not in hypothalamus) ADH increase in posterior gland water reabsorption in kidneys decreased secreation. Diabetes Insipidus Problems with ADH Hypothalamic ("central") diabetes insipidus- the prosterior gland can’t secrete ADH (head trauma or tumour in hypothalamus). Treated with exogenous ADH Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus-
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PSL 201 Lecture 10 - PSL 201 > Mavrogiannis > Renal...

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