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ohh my freaking goodness - 51 Section 7A In the NIRA...

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51. Section 7A - In the NIRA, guaranteed workers the right to bargain collectively - Followed FDR’s shift from grudging acceptance to open support for organized labor - Workers responded with a spontaneous wave of strikes 52. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - FDR believed that life in the countryside and service to the nation would have a positive moral impact on the young men of the cities - The CCC employed these young men building roads and trails in the national parks - By 1942 the program had transformed America’s public lands and employed more than 3 million teenagers and young adults 53. Works Progress Administration - Revived the popular jobs program - Designed to salvage important pieces of the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) - Continued and extended relief programs - Built many public buildings, projects and roads and operated large arts, drama, media and literacy projects - Fed children, redistributed food, clothing, housing - Largest New Deal agency 54. Tennessee Valley Authority - Aimed to modernize the region’s economy and society - The dams it built controlled flooding in the Tennessee Valley, created reservoirs for
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ohh my freaking goodness - 51 Section 7A In the NIRA...

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