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Test 2 Review - Billy

Test 2 Review - Billy - 14th point League of Nations...

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14 th point: League of Nations Article X most important – member nations to respect and preserve territorial integrity and political independence of one another and consult on the options of invoking economic or military sanctions Henry Cabot Lodge defeated League of Nations at home Wilson was unwilling to compromise which lead to defeat of league Didn’t take republican with him to paris – hurt the treaty back home Lodge reservation was knife thrust at the heart of the treaty – US not obligated to fulfill its requirements Refusal to enter league became argument for Hitler’s rise to power and WWII 16 th Amendment Allowed for a federal income tax 1913 17 th Amendment Direct election of senators 1913 18 th Amendment Prohibition – 1919 Only amendment repealed – by the 21 st Result of temperance movement Brought about rise in organized crime 19th Amendment Woman’s suffrage Granted August 18, 1920 A. Mitchell Palmer Attorney General of US from 1919 to 1921 – during red scare Campaign against radicalism culminated in Palmer Raids Lost presidential bid for 1920 – people were done with red scare Predicted bombing on May Day 1920 but nothing happened Adkins v. Children’s Hospital Federal Minimum wage legislation for women was unconstitutional infringement of liberty of contract 1923 Muller cases addressed max hours this addressed min wage Age of Consumption/Materialism 1920s Americans encouraged by big business in the pursuit of pleasure Change in wages and workdays Advertising industry encouraged attitude toward pleasure Installment plans were used Alice Hamilton
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First woman appointed to faculty at Harvard Medical School Occupational Health and industrial medicine Lived in Hull House for 22yrs Alice Paul Was a member of the National American Women Suffrage Association Focused on lobbying for a constitutional amendment Formed National Woman’s Party bc frustrated with rate of progress More radical methods Demonstrations, parades, mass meetings, picketing, suffrage watch, fires, and hunger strikes First political protest to picket the white house Author of the Equal Rights Amendment Bruce Barton Advertising executive Betty Crocker General Motors and General Electric Opponent of Roosevelt and New Deal Author of The man Nobody Knows- Christ as a businessman Carrie Chapman Catt President of National American Woman Suffrage Association twice Supported those already in power. Some reform better than none Worked to identify woman with the war effort. Founded Woman’s Peace Party – WWI Changing Morality Culture of 1920s offered many pleasures Spectator sports, movies, popular music, radio, sex The Sexual revolution – increased openness about sex Sexual pleasure was necessary and desirable particularly within marriage Birth control became respectable and widely practived Emphasis on the individual Florence Kelley With Addams Pushed some of nation’s first safety laws through Illinois legislature
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Test 2 Review - Billy - 14th point League of Nations...

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