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TEST 2 Review - 1 Progressive Era(1890-1920 period of...

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1. Progressive Era (1890-1920) period of reform from 1890s to 1920 began with settlement housing ended with 19 th amendment opposed waste and corruptions sought change in worker's rights and protection of the ordinary citizen major changes prohibition 18 th amendment 19 th amendment favored representative government (citizen rule) circumvent political bosses favorable toward urban industrial society belief in mankind's ability to improve the environment and conditions of life belief in obligation to intervene in economic and social affairs belief in government intervention prior to laissez faire 3 main presidents Taft Wilson TR 2. “Muckrakers” A journalist that exposed some new corporate or public wrong waste, corruption,and scandal Upton Sinclair described the business of canning beef The Jungle used national magazines to demand reform Lincoln Steffens The Shame of the Cities tremendous guilt (responsibility for social problems) 3. Urban Consumer * term for new consumer with more disposable income of the Progressive era 4. National Consumers' League Founded in 1899 as an American consumer organization Established by women of the Hull House Main objective achieve a minimum wage and a limitation on working hours for women and children First president was Florence Kelley traveled country and gave lectures on working conditions o Introduced white label- employers that met the NCL standards for labor practices o Encouraged boycott of non white label. Directly benefited poor working women Florence Kelley o Social reformer who contributed to the development of state and federal labor and social welfare legislation o Graduated from Cornell
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5. Theodore Roosevelt 26 th president of the US (leader of Republican party and Progressive Movement) Proponent of testing the US military in battle ( prepared the Navy for the Spanish American War) Came into office after McKinley was shot and subsequently died
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TEST 2 Review - 1 Progressive Era(1890-1920 period of...

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