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WH4-W09 - BCH 100 Winter 2009 WH#4 6 points LECTURES 10-11...

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BCH 100, Winter 2009 WH #4 6 points LECTURES # 10-11 due Wed. Feb. 4, 2009, 2 pm Read carefully and give just one answer per question. 1. (1 pt) (Try to reason this out without a calculator; you won’t have a calculator on the quiz! Think about what the starting mass action ratio is for a standard free energy change, and what the mass action ratio is at equilibrium.) For a reaction A + B - - > C + D, with K eq ’ = 0.3, the standard free energy change, Δ G°’: a) is less than 0. b) is greater than 0. c) is equal to 0. d) is not related to K eq ’. e) cannot be determined without being given the actual starting concentrations of A, B, C and D. 2. (1 pt) Δ G°’ for phosphate hydrolysis of creatine phosphate = – 43.1 kJ/mol. Δ G°’ for phosphate hydrolysis from ATP to give ADP = – 30.5 kJ/mol. The standard free energy change, Δ G°’, for transfer of a phosphate group from creatine phosphate to ADP is a) – 73.6 kJ/mol c) – 12.6 kJ/mol e) cannot be determined b) + 73.6 kJ/mol
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