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BCH100_W09vocab-first half_1 - BIOCHEMICAL VOCABULARY,...

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1 BIOCHEMICAL VOCABULARY, first half BCH-100 Winter, 2008 (Dr. Ziegler) This document lists some important compounds that students enrolled in BCH 100 must learn during the first half of the course. It is necessary to become acquainted with these basic structures and structural features in order to understand the basis of structure/function relationships involving molecules associated with biochemical reactions. For each compound, it is indicated whether you are expected to recognize it (be prepared to give its correct name when presented with its structure) or whether you must be prepared to draw it (without reference to notes). Of course, it is assumed that if you can draw a structure, you will also recognize it. Many of the molecules will reappear throughout the course and it will be assumed that once you have learned the structure of a compound, you will retain this information for future lectures and examinations. The Instructors reserve the right to make changes to the vocabulary list during the quarter for purposes
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BCH100_W09vocab-first half_1 - BIOCHEMICAL VOCABULARY,...

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