MIDTERM MULTIPLE CHOICE PREP - History 20 Winter 2009...

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History 20, Winter 2009, Professor Bell PREPARING FOR THE MULTIPLE CHOICE PORTION OF THE MIDTERM EXAM There is no one “right” way to do this. Any or all of the following suggestions, instructions, and examples may help you to figure out your own personal “best strategy” for preparing for this portion of the exam. SUGGESTION 1 : REVIEW YOUR LECTURE NOTES AND MAKE SURE YOU KNOW SOMETHING CONCRETE ABOUT EACH OF THE FOLLOWING “BIG ISSUES”: The rise of modernity The Enlightenment Liberalism Marxism Socialism; Communism Imperialism Social Darwinism Nationalism Populism Fascism Alliances among nation states and the wars that followed from them The rise of disaffected intellectuals and their contributions to revolution or reform in non-Western locations Self-determination The Great Depression Emerging conflict between “Democracy” and “Communism” by the 1940s (the onset of the Cold War) SUGGESTION 2 : As you think over what you have been learning about in lectures, and reading about in your textbook, consider how you would answer the following questions. I call these “discussion questions,” and find this sort of tool useful in helping to generate discussion for the purposes of reviewing lecture material; these may best be used in small group study (in Discussion Sections, for example, time permitting), or in study groups that students themselves put together. Here they are:
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MIDTERM MULTIPLE CHOICE PREP - History 20 Winter 2009...

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