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chem.ex.1 - 1.94X10^-6 100 6.19X10^-6 4.58X10^-6 3.40X10^-6...

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Time (sec) [CV] (M) Ex.1 [CV] (M) Ex.2 [CV] (M) Ex.3 [CV] (M) Ex.4 0 1.00X10^-5 1.00X10^-5 1.00X10^-5 5.00X10^-6 20 9.22X10^-6 8.59X10^-6 8.08X10^-6 4.04X10^-6 40 8.35X10^-6 7.35X10^-6 6.56X10^-6 3.19X10^-6 60 7.57X10^-6 6.32X10^-6 5.29X10^-6 2.50X10^-6 80 6.87X10^-6 5.36X10^-6 4.21X10^-6
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Unformatted text preview: 1.94X10^-6 100 6.19X10^-6 4.58X10^-6 3.40X10^-6 1.50X10^-6 120 5.60X10^-6 3.92X10^-6 2.71X10^-6 1.14X10^-6 140 5.06X10^-6 3.32X10^-6 2.17X10^-6 8.7X10^-7 160 4.61X10^-6 2.89X10^-6 1.70X10^-6 6.5X10^-7 180 4.15X10^-6 2.30X10^-6 1.34X10^-6 4.8X10^-7...
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