GOV 312L Review Session 1

GOV 312L Review Session 1 - Kennedys New Frontier boost the...

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Kennedy’s New Frontier – boost the economy, provide international aid, provide for national defense, and boost the space program. Created the Peace Corps and Partial Test Ban Treaty with Soviet Union. Monroe Doctrine (1823) – Efforts by Europeans to colonize or interfere with states in the Americas would be seen as an act of aggression requiring US intervention Mark Twain – anti-imperialist, first observed Middle East, basis of Douglas Little article Eisenhower Doctrine – economic and military aid stretches the Truman Doctrine to the Middle East, applied to Lebanon – sent marines for peacekeeping - Eisenhower tried a more balanced approach, not siding with Israel because it’s Israel Power Game – movie about unwritten rules, behavior, and patterns through Congress, Pentagon, etc. US vs. Curtis Wright Corp. – court case involving an arms embargo. Can the federal government impose an arms embargo? Yes, US can have unrestricted power abroad – lies with president. US can do whatever it takes to defend and promote national interests. Balfour Declaration – Whitehall (British Parliament) commits Britain to establish the state of Israel (Jewish settlement in Palestine) 1917, important aspect of why Arab states oppose Israel UN Special Commission on Palestine – took the Israel problem from the British, established a committee to establish whether or not a state would work in Palestine Economic Security Council – created by Clinton, origins in Eisenhower NSC Baghdad Pact – upset Nasser, meant to stop the spread of Communism and establish security by building up security. Pact between US and Arab states. Britain, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan John Foster Dulles – secretary of state for Eisenhower, anti-communist Camp David – Presidential retreat, peace talk between Israel and Egypt during the Carter administration, recognition of Israel by Egypt in exchange for return of Sinai
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Nixon Doctrine – countries responsible for their own defense, but US keeps its treaties and would support struggling people in those areas. Support Iran and Saudi Arabia by increasing arms sales to them Soft power – diplomacy, the ability to persuade or coop people into wanting what you want Hard power – military and economic power Aswan High Dam – hoped to legitimate Nasser at home, US and Britain support it, but when Egypt recognized communist China and had a Czech arms deal, the US cut off funding – led to Suez Crisis
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GOV 312L Review Session 1 - Kennedys New Frontier boost the...

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