Syllabus - CRIME AND PUNISMENT CZECH STYLE CZ 324 (44896)...

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Unformatted text preview: CRIME AND PUNISMENT CZECH STYLE CZ 324 (44896) (EUS 347, REE 325) Craig Cravens Spring 2009 Department of Slavic Languages Phone: 232-9125 Department Office: Cal 415 My Office: Cal 8 Office Hours: TBA Course Meeting Time: MWF 12 Place: PAR 301 the Shakespeare of the lunatic asylum -- Count Melchoir de Vogue (1848-1910) Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky is the single most influential novelist of all time, and Crime and Punishment his greatest work. His particular, morbid genius has both fascinated and repelled authors from Vladimir Nabokov to Milan Kundera to Woody Allen. This course will examine the influence of Dostoevskys novel on the writers of a small Central European nation known more for its inebriate rather than morbid tendencies. Placed in the center of Europe and traded off among German, Austrian, and Russian empires for most of their existence, the Czechs have developed an oddly unsentimental, dark, yet lighthearted culture and attitude towards themselves and their surroundings Dostoevskys influence from the turn of the 19 th and 20 th centuries until today continues throughout the world. Our chief questions will be: How did the Czechs understand and absorb the Russian master of the macabre? By comparing the Russian author with the Czechs, can we distill an essential Czechness? What makes a writer like Karel apek the most influential Czech writer of the First Czechoslovak Republic...
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Syllabus - CRIME AND PUNISMENT CZECH STYLE CZ 324 (44896)...

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