mayonnaise is stupid

mayonnaise is stupid - A I'm sure that atleast one person...

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Mayonnaise Introduction A. How many people in this class eat mayonnaise? B. Mayonnaise should no longer be produced. 1. I believe that Mayonnaise should no longer be produced and should cease to bea condiment. In order to persuade people, I will provide information on health risks associated with mayonnaise. I will provide information from a mayonnaise label. I will also provide some little known facts about the risks of eating mayonnaise. 2. Mayonnaise is detrimental to society and shouldn't be produced any longer. Body I. The Kraft Mayo: Real Mayonnaise nutrition facts label says it all. A. In a 33 OZ. container, there are 70mg Sodium, 10g of total fat, and 90 calories (all fat calories) in one serving which is one tablespoon. B. What is missing from this picture? There is no fiber, protein, or vitamin value in Mayonnaise other than Vitamin K and what has Vitamin K ever done for you? II. An emulsion is a combination of two liquids that do not normally mix.
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Unformatted text preview: A. I'm sure that atleast one person could tell me that mayonnaise is a stable emulsion of vegetable oil and egg yolk. B. Homemade mayonnaise containse raw egg yolks, meaning that there is a chance of developing a Salmonella infection. III. Mayonnaise is very prone to going bad. A. Mayonnaise must be refridgerated or it will ruin due the nature of several of its ingredients. B. Homemade mayonnaise must be made with the proper equipment to ensure freshness; Eggs should be as fresh as possible, which is a difficult task and inevitably results in salmonella. Conclusion Although some people view mayonnaise as a good condiment for hamburgers, or simply enjoy various salads made with mayonnaise, it ultimately causes more harm than good. Mayonnaise proves more detrimental to society than helpful as it may cause obesity or extreme sickness, therefore it should no longer be produced. Tyler Evans...
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mayonnaise is stupid - A I'm sure that atleast one person...

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