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lab 6 - Matt Weiner Phys 241 Lab 6 Diodes and Oscilloscopes...

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Matt Weiner Phys. 241 10/10/06 Lab 6 Diodes and Oscilloscopes Goal: To measure the resistance of non-Ohmic devices and to use an oscilloscope. Theory: In this lab we use things called diodes. A diode is a semiconductor that has only two connections, a positive and negative. Since there is only a positive and negative connection the electricity only flows in one direction. So if you attach an AC signal to it which goes in two directions it will convert it to a DC signal that only flows in one direction. The Resistance on a circuit is the ratio of Voltage to Current. It is found using the equation: I V R (1) If the resistance does not change when the voltage is changed then the component is obeying Ohm’s law and is an Ohmic device. For a device that has current flow without voltage then the device is non-ohmic, such as a battery. In this lab we also use an Oscilloscope. This is basically a voltmeter that is used to measure the curve of a diode. The Oscilloscope shows the deflection of the diode with a set current and we use that to measure the voltages. II. Are light bulb and diode Omic Using a power supply to provide energy, and a DMM , measure the current and voltage with a voltmeter and ammeter.
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IIa. Measure the resistance of light bulb. Data: Resistance of light bulb Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance ( ) 6 .15 40 5 .13 38.46 4 .11 36.36 3 .10 30 2 .08 25 1 .06 16.67 0 0 0 -6 -.15 -40 -5 -.13 -38.46 -4 -.11 -36.36 -3 -.10 -30 -2 -.08 -25 -1 -.06 -16.67 Calculation for R : Using eq.1 ---- = = = 40 15 .
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