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lab 7 - Also we use the equation(V=IR I Measure reactance...

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Matt Weiner Phys. 241 10/17/06 Lab 8 Capacitors and RC Circuits Part II: AC Response Goal: The goal of this lab is to further investigate how capacitors act in electrical circuits. Also we will look at circuits with time varying applied voltages. We will also measure the capacitance and impedance. Theory: When dealing with a capacitor with a resistance is called the capacitive reactance or the impedance. The impedance is shown as X c . The unit for reactance or impedance is the ohm. The ratio of the peak voltage and the capacitor is as follows: PEAK PEAK c I V X = (1) The peak voltage is measured by the oscilloscope by reading the graph.
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Unformatted text preview: Also we use the equation (V=IR). I. Measure reactance and capacitance with a sine wave and oscilloscope Set up the circuit in Fig. 1 much like the last experiment. The current flowing through the resistor is the same as the capacitor. Using what we know we can find the current through the circuit (V=IR). Measure the peak voltage and the peak current for the least five frequencies with the ratio- 1:3:10:30:100. Data: Period (s) Frequenc y (Actual) Frequency (Calculated ) ω V peak I peak X c...
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