NATS TEst - more) A supercell is an intense type of...

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Wind blows parallel to contour lines from west to east. Ridges- warm air below Troughs- cold air below and holds more air Pressure decreases more rapidly in cold, dense air The cloud is a sea breeze F force depends on wind speed= faster winds means great F force CF points to the rights of the wind direction in the north/ opposite in south CF will only change objects direction, never speed it up or down CF strength depends on latitude, 0 at the equator; max at the poles PGF always points towards the low PGF strength depends on contour lines; stronger when they are closer together A severe thunderstorm has heavy rain, causes flooding, strong winds (50 mph or up) and hail (3/4” or
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Unformatted text preview: more) A supercell is an intense type of thunderstorm Life cycle of thunderstorm: 1) cumulus stage (arrows going up), 2) mature stage (arrows going up and down) 3) dissipating stage (arrows going down and prevailing winds may form) May has most tornados, and April has the strongest Tornados have low pressure core Most tornados are in the spring, 1000 per year Life of a tornado- 1) Dust swirl, 2) organizing, 3) mature, 4) Shrinking, 5)Decaying Lighting heats up air which causes thunder Positive upward lighting is the most rare 2/3 of all lightning is intercloud Mesocyclone is a rotating updraft Monsoon is a seasonal change in direction of the prevailing winds...
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NATS TEst - more) A supercell is an intense type of...

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