article one - Dolbys Dye Track Committee worked to change...

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Tyler Evans Heather Stone ECO231 1 February 2007 Dolby Employees to Receive Academy Award Dolby announced on Thursday 1-25-07 that three of their employees, Ioan Allen, Senior Vice President; Ted Costas, Director, Distributor Services; and Martin Richards, Principal Staff Engineer, will be given an Academy Award in the Scientific and Technical category. The award comes as a result of these employees’ efforts to convert silver-based 35mm film to cyan dye analog soundtracks. The cyan dye movement was an original concept of Dolby’s and was conceived through a patent donated to the film industry. “Until recently, analog soundtracks were placed on film by a silver application procedure that used millions of gallons of water a year and tons of chemicals, some caustic and hazardous.”
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Unformatted text preview: Dolbys Dye Track Committee worked to change this process for nearly a decade. Ioan Allen, Senior Vice President of Dolby Laboratories said The huge success of the cyan movement is due to the dedication and collaboration of many individuals in the film industry, and we are proud to be among a group of distinguished colleagues that are receiving this special award this year of the nomination. Dolby Laboratories has won 10 Academy Awards for different achievements in the film industry. Dolby is also announcing that they have been nominated for Achievement in Sound Editing and Mixing, making this the 29 th consecutive year that films released with Dolby audio have earned Academy award nominations for outstanding sound quality....
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article one - Dolbys Dye Track Committee worked to change...

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