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Gove Exam 1 Readings

Gove Exam 1 Readings - Samuel P Huntington"The Clash of...

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Samuel P. Huntington, " The Clash of Civilizations? " Foreign Affairs 72:3 (Summer 1993), 22-49 Huntington Civilizations—Highest cultural grouping of people Absolute biggest group you are a part of Way to define the world after fall of Soviet Union, only one real big superpower Globalization—more interactions, more realizations of differences Wants us to think Huntington is wrong A paradigm that looks at the world where you look at different regions of the world and the fact that they are civilizations, and states tend to align with other states (we align with Western Europe) World is becoming more global Align with people that have more cultures which is why US and ME clash so much We can't expect the whole world to agree with us People can have the same values but different emphasis on it Westernization doesn't meet up with modernization, there are other ways Japan has modernized in a non-western way proving it can be possible Huntington says US are becoming cultural mongrels so we are losing our  sharp edge  Huntington—Class of Civilizations Way of dividing world into the major civilizations Broadest grouping Arabs—Less than 20% of total world population “Islam has bloody borders” A historic way of viewing the classic conflict between the Christians and Muslims in the Crusade age but statement is obsolete b/c Islam has populations all over the world Raises interesting issue when talking about democracy and human rights —These values are Western values, other civilizations have different ideas —Can't argue b/c other people have different values then our own Double Standard (Understandable)? Huntington says no: “ people apply one standard to their kin-country  and a different standard to others. .." p13. Are human rights (and  democracy) viewed as imperialism by those reacting against western 
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values, p17.and is it possible to modernize but not to westernize?. ..cf  Mexico and Turkey efforts to be part of Europe, USA. .” We are trying to present a new image of ourselves to the world: shutting  down Guantanamo Bay, no more torture We see when democracy is practiced in a sense of free voting, suffering is  put upon Western ideals Alternative visions: what else, besides clashes of civilization, shapes our  world? American empire Realism: contending state and balance of power We have global non-government organizations that can have important  influence on legislation World is very inter-dependent Joseph Nye, Jr., " The new Rome meets the new barbarians ," The Economist Its is best to be loved and feared at the same time.
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Gove Exam 1 Readings - Samuel P Huntington"The Clash of...

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