recycling speech rough outline

recycling speech rough outline - A Aluminum It takes 20...

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Introduction A. Recycling is defined as the reprocessing of materials that would otherwise become waste in order to make them into new products. B. Citizens in the U.S. and abroad should recycle in order to conserve the environment and energy. 1. To persuade people to recycle, facts about the energy saving benefits and the reduction of new raw materials will be used. In addition, a discussion of the environmental issues recycling solves and a summary of the waste hierarchy will make the audience more knowledgeable about recycling. 2. Recycling is the key to the continuation of the environmental harmony that exists today. The failure to recycle leads to filthier living conditions with more landfills and more pollution entering the atmosphere due to incineration. Recycling should not be taken lightly and should be part of our present and future. Body I. Comparison with normal extraction - One of the main benefits of recycling comes from reducing the amount of new material required
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Unformatted text preview: A. Aluminum - It takes 20 times more energy to make aluminum from bauxite ore than using recycled aluminum. B. Glass - For every ton of recycled glass used, approx 315 kilos of Carbon dioxide and 1.2 tons of raw materials are spared. II. There are some environmental issues involved with recycling. A. By recycling you can save trees and other natural resources. B. Recycling also reduces the need for landfills and trash incineration. III. Waste Hierarchy - The three words associated with the wast hierarchy are reduce, reuse, recycle A. Source reduction involves stopping pollution and is linked to recycling. B. Recycling is idea number three in the waste hierarchy; by reducing waste produced and reusing materials, recycling is made easier because there are less pollutants in the materials. Conclusion In conclusion, recycling should be practiced in order to preserve the environment and conserve energy....
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recycling speech rough outline - A Aluminum It takes 20...

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