My cheat sheet Exam 1

My cheat sheet Exam 1 - Managers Bookshelf: The one thing...

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Manager’s Bookshelf: The one thing you need to know: Leader characteristics to look for: -Optimism with ability to see the future; Dissatisfaction with the status quo; Self- assurance to make their vision of future a reality; Must clearly describe the right prospects to eliminate/decrease fear; Discipline/commitment/courage Innovator’s solution : Lessons to avoid disruptive innovations: -Don’t focus on making a better product for a customer set; instead redefine the market with something new that’s more convenient and cheaper. -When it’s not new anymore and its hard to make anything that differentiates itself, go somewhere else. How culture supports disruptive growth? -Managers can support disruptive growth by diminishing emphasis on broad leadership skills and focus on ability to learn and adapt. The world is flat: Knowledge man systems and learning organization respond to triple convergence: - Convergence 1: emergence of a global, web-enabled playing field allows for multiple forms of collaboration in real time, regardless of distance. (ie: webcams, video conference, IM, etc) Con 2: using horizontal collaboration instead of usual management pyramid. Con 3: opening info portals to 3 billion people of China, India, Rusia, Latin America, etc. allowing more people to collaborate and compete. Saving the corporate soul: For principle org, man decisions should reflect: -stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholder and public) Ultimate control of character: -principled leadership starts from top (executive and board level) Moral intelligence: Moral competencies correlates with
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My cheat sheet Exam 1 - Managers Bookshelf: The one thing...

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