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Fall2006stuDY GUIDE FOR 102 EXAM II[1]


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STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM II No Makeups! **Remember to study your lecture notes, the corresponding chapters from the text (refer to third page of syllabus), the “Enlightened Absolutism” handout, the two handouts for the French Revolution and the typed lecture notes for “The Revolution in Energy and Industry.” **You must bring your own #2 pencil and a Grademaster 23130 form. They will not be provided for you. Multiple Choice and Identification Items People Aristotle, geocentric Copernicus, rediscoverd aristarchus’ heliocentric theory Galileo, 1633 recants heliocentric ideas, works banned, house arrest Newton, synthesis, gravity calculus Montesquieu, “spirit of laws” thesis(power checks power) Voltaire, diest, legal equality, “the age of louis XIV” “candid” Rousseau, civilization, “the social contract”, govt and people have unspoken agreement which if one breaks, is voided Catherine the Great, ------------------------------------------------------------------ Frederick II, ------------------ SEE ENLIGHTENED ABSOLUTISM SHEET Joseph II, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette, estates general, debate over voting and seating arrangement, 3 rd estate becomes nat’l assembly and louis locks them out, tennis court oath, decl. Of rights of man, Bastille, Great Fear, Parisian mob, family imprisoned, louis decapitated Lafayette, hero of American revolution “marquis de la Fayette” Robespierre, lawyer, danton, reign of terror, jacobin Marat,
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