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Learning Objectives Chapter 24: The Origin of Species Concept 24.1: The biological species concept emphasizes reproductive isolation - biological species concept = species consist of different populations that can interbreed and produce viable offspring - reproductive doesn’t have to affect biological species concept Define Ernst Mayr’s biological species concept. o Read up Distinguish between prezygotic and postzygotic isolation mechanisms. o Prezygotic isolation Preventing a species from mating with another species for the fear of producing infertile offspring which would decrease the fitness o Postzygotic isolation Preventing the offspring from developing into viable offspring Describe five prezygotic isolating mechanisms and give an example of each. o Habitat Snakes living in water vs. snakes living in land Beetles on test!** o Temporal Different seasons o Behavioral Bird calling o Mechanical bulldog o Gametic Lock and key acceptance, only certain sperms can fertilize certain eggs
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Chapter_24_Learning_Objectives - Learning Objectives...

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