SPH speech #2 informative on Pirates

SPH speech #2 informative on Pirates - B. sailors were fed...

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Tyler Evans 1 Pirates Opening Statement: When the word “Caribbean” is mentioned in a conversation, what do you think of? I, personally, think of pirates. I. Privateer A. similar to pirate B. acted on commission or letter of marque from government or king C. authorized to capture enemy nation’s merchant ships II. Modern view A. rebellious B. clever teams C. operated outside bureaucracy of modern life. III. Reality A. ate poorly B. did not become fabulously wealthy C. died young IV. Operated as limited democracies A. elected and replaced leader B. Captain of ship 1. Fierce fighter 2. Trustworthy 3. Real authority was quartermaster(supply officer) in peace times.
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Tyler Evans 2 V. Booty A. distributed amongst all crew members B. injured pirate may receive more booty as compensation C. terms were written down and agreed upon (written documentation was often incriminating) VI. Imperialism A. warships ordered to protect merchant ships carrying goods
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Unformatted text preview: B. sailors were fed rotten foods and suffered from scurvy C. lucky to to escape their service without a debilitating injury. D. most life threatening things in the sailor's life were the sea and the ship's captain E. English captains abused power / "press-ganged" boys and young men into service to replace lost crew. F. way of life often caused crews to mutiny and offer themselves and their ship as a pirate vessel. Tyler Evans 3 VII. Famous Pirates A. Blackbeard 1. Edward Teach(1680-1718) 2. Queen Anne's Revenge(ship) 3. 14 wives 4. prone to burying treasure(not historically supported) B. Sir Henry Morgan 1. (1635-1688) 2. Leader of Buccaneers in the Caribbean 3. Base in Port Royal, Jamaica 4. began producing Captain Morgan rum in 1680 5. offended by being called a pirate as he considered himself a privateer...
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SPH speech #2 informative on Pirates - B. sailors were fed...

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