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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 I II III IV V VI Pepper a Weston#30 b...

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Chapter 2 I. Pepper a. Weston #30 b. 1930 c. Photograph d. Hard to cut, very mangled e. In this odd shaped pepper, Weston saw beauty f. By isolating this pepper and have it taking up the whole picture space, this shows something called, “Monumentalizing” i. This means to turn something into something large, grand, and very important! g. Interpretation: i. Like an embracing couple ii. The light on the pepper creates an interesting texture iii. He’s giving it more importance than the average pepper h. Artists do this to draw our attention to something very ordinary we might normally overlook, but in his eye’s worthy of our complete attention i. Time and effort so wants us to devote time and effort to appreciate it II. Other Weston Peppers a. Weston, Pepper, 1930 photograph III. Artichoke a. Weston b. Cross-Section of an Artichoke IV. Cabbage Leaf a. Weston, photograph b. Texture V. Looking and Seeing
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When you just look at something it’s a very quick and casual thing b. When you see something you are paying very close attention and are trying to remember and savor every detail VI. Bathing at La Grenouillere a. Renoir i. 1869 ii. Concentrating more on the people iii. Brighter colors b. Monet i. He doesn’t like painting people, likes landscape more! ii. People are more “blurred’ in his c. Comparison i. Same little island and pier, and a boat ii. Same over hanging of the trees iii. A little restaurant to the right VII. A Man Tricked by Gypsies a. Aesthetic i. Feeling and seeing and touching 1. Perception b. 1490, Leonardo da Vinci c. Less than beautiful people d. Sketch e. They have exaggerated features, huge nose and earlobes, and chins, etc. VIII.
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 I II III IV V VI Pepper a Weston#30 b...

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