Questions to pretest for Exam #1

Questions to pretest for Exam #1 - Pretest...

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Pretest questions: ***answers that are given aren’t necessarily correct, i just put down all that I could remember 1) Population was divided into two subpopulations by physical barrier and in different environments. physical barrier is removed but they are two different species now, what type of speciation occurred? - sympatric -allopatric 2) Paralogous genes can diverge while connected to the gene pool, while orthologous genes must be isolated to diverge. why? -don’t remember the exact answers but mentioned diploidy, multiple sets of genes or chromosomes, copies of something, prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and sympatric speciation in the answers 3) For Miller and Urey experiment, what conditions did they use? 4) Two species that had 18 produced another species with 36. example of? -allopolyploidy - autopolyploidy – duplication of a set of them 5) For Miller and Urey experiment…know about the other parameters besides the gas? - no oxygen tested 6) Cichlid Fish in lake Victoria are abundant because of? -sympatric speciation -allopatric speciation **know order of origin of life 7) What supports that RNA was used in early life organisms as genetic code? -short stretches of RNA can do something with nucleotides -modern cells use RNA as a template for DNA
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-modern cells use RNA to make proteins -RNA can be used as a catalyst for some reactions
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Questions to pretest for Exam #1 - Pretest...

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