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journal 8 - a call from apple saying that if that if I...

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Chris Carpenter Journal I have a Macintosh Computer. It’s a MacBook Pro. I have enjoyed this machine ever since I purchased it. It has many more capabilities than Windows computers, and the fact that the Operating System is based off a Linux type Operating System, the fact that it is basically immune to all viruses gives a good peace of mind. Whenever I need to record music or edit film, it is always ready to work and never lets me down. The one thing I did not like however is the customer service. People usually talk about apples great customer service, well not me. I took my laptop in the get fixed from a broken keyboard. They looked it over and told me they “Guaranteed” that they would fix everything for a flat rate of $350. I agreed and they sent it out. A few days later I received
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Unformatted text preview: a call from apple saying that if that if I wanted my computer fixed I would need to pay $1200. I asked why and they replied that it was because they found physical damage. I questioned them why there would be a diffrence fixing whether or not there was physical damage or not, it was still damaged and they guaranteed fixing it for that price. I was none the less, not too pleased. To this day, the keyboard is still not fixing and I have a auxiliary keyboard sitting on top of my computer. It gets the job done, and it was only $10, much better than $1200. I highly recommend an apple if you were in the market for a new computer, however be weary of their customer service, once your warranty runs out....
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