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Unformatted text preview: Physics 21 Fall, 2007 General Information Subject matter : Physics 21, Introductory Physics II, is a continuation of Physics 11. The general topics covered include electrostatics and magnetostatics, DC circuits, Maxwells equations, waves, geometrical and physical optics. General Plan : Classes meet four times per week, Tuesday and Thursday in a large lecture (for 50 min- utes) and Wednesday and Friday in a small recitation class. Homework assignments, which are done online, will be due before most lectures and will be discussed in the recitation the next day. Occasionally, homework will be due on a recitation day. There are two ma- jor exams during the semester, at 4:10 pm on Oct. 4 and Nov. 1. The final exam will be scheduled by the registrar. Textbook and Homework : The text is University Physics , by Young and Freedman, volume 2, 12 th edi- tion. The homework will handled by a web-based sys- tem called Mastering Physics. Each student must obtain an access code (a 30 letter password) in order...
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