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Chris Carpenter Composition 1 Journal 3 One of my more favorite things to do is go to concerts. It really lets you get a better feel and appreciation for the music. Live concerts help you connect with the band and really get in touch with the music more than just listening to a record. I have been going to concerts since I was about ten. In those nine years I have been to many shows including, moe., john butler trio, Ozzfest, James Blunt, and many many others. So of my favorite concerts are the ones I have gone to where I don’t know any of the bands playing and I go see them and I get really into their music, it is a very good way to get into different kinds of music. For example, last summer I went to the “Download Festival” in Mansfield, MA. I only knew one of the bands that were playing and there was about 12 or so bands playing. The show was really good and I really enjoyed all the bands that played and as it turns out, three of the bands that played there that I had no idea about
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