Chapter_30 - Biology 7e(Campbell Chapter 30 Plant Diversity...

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(Campbell) Chapter 30: Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants 1) The sporophytes of mosses depend on the gametophytes for water and nutrition. In seed plants, the reverse is true. From which seed plant sporophyte structure(s) do the immature (unfertilized) gametophytes directly gain water and nutrition? A) sporophylls B) embryos C) sporangia D) sporopollenin E) ovary 2) Which of the following is not true concerning the sporophyte or gametophyte generations of flowering plants? A) The flower is composed of gametophyte tissue only. B) The sporophyte generation is dominant. C) The sporophyte generation is what we see when looking at a large plant. D) The gametophyte generation is not photosynthetic. E) The gametophyte generation consists of relatively few cells within the flower. 3) Which of the following is an ongoing trend in the evolution of land plants? A) decrease in the size of the leaf B) reduction of the gametophyte phase of the life cycle C) elimination of sperm cells or sperm nuclei D) increasing reliance on water to bring sperm and egg together E) replacement of roots by rhizoids 4) Seeds commonly provide for each of the following except A) a choice of germination location. B) dispersal. C) dormancy. D) a nutrient supply for the embryo. E) desiccation resistance. 5) Which of the following most closely represents the male gametophyte of seed-bearing plants? A) ovule B) microspore mother cell C) pollen grain D) embryo sac E) fertilized egg 6) Which of these is most important in making the typical seed more resistant to adverse conditions than the typical spore? A) a different type of sporopollenin B) an internal reservoir of liquid water C) integument(s) D) ability to be dispersed E) waxy cuticle 7) Gymnosperms differ from both extinct and extant ferns because they A) are woody. B) have macrophylls. C) have pollen.
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Chapter_30 - Biology 7e(Campbell Chapter 30 Plant Diversity...

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