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Chris Carpenter Journal 4 Something I really enjoy to do is off-roading in my jeep. Off-roading goes by many names, 4-Wheeling, Wheelin’, Muddin’, Jeepin’, by it is all the same thing. The reason I like it is because it gives you such a rush and its fun to test the limits of your vehicle and your driving. Getting it covered in mud is pretty fun too. Right now my jeep is bone stock, and it gets me by on the trails, I can drive through the mud and muck, up big hills, down trails. But I would like to like to get some modifications to really enhance my off-road experience. If I were to get a two-inch suspension lift, and 31” mud terrain tires, then I think I would do much better on the trails and still have a good daily driver. When going off-roading, you never want to go alone. You should at least bring a friend with you in the car, and if you can bring another jeep and tow straps or another off-road vehicle. Around this area there is not too many trails for a jeeper to choose from. Seeing as
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