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Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 42: Circulation 1) Which is a correct statement concerning the insect circulatory system? A) The circulating fluid bathes tissues directly. B) Blood is always contained in a system of tubes called tracheae. C) Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues. D) There is no heart, or pump. E) There is no blood, or circulating fluid. 2) Organisms in which a circulating body fluid is separate from the fluid that directly surrounds the body's cells are likely to have A) an open circulatory system. B) a closed circulatory system. C) a gastrovascular cavity. D) branched tracheae. E) hemolymph. 3) Three-chambered hearts generally consist of which of the following numbers of atria and ventricles? A) one atrium; one ventricle B) two atria; one ventricle C) three atria; no ventricles D) no atria; three ventricles E) one atrium; two ventricles 4) Which of the following are the only vertebrates in which blood flows directly from respiratory organs to body tissues without first returning to the heart? A) amphibians B) birds C) fishes D) mammals E) reptiles 5) Through how many capillary beds must a human red blood cell travel if it takes the shortest possible route from the right ventricle to the right atrium? A) one B) two C) three D) four E) five 6) Which sequence of blood flow can be observed in either a reptile or a mammal? A) left ventricle → aorta → lungs → systemic circulation B) right ventricle → pulmonary vein → pulmocutaneous circulation C) pulmonary vein → left atrium → right ventricle → pulmonary circuit
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Chapter_42 - Biology 7e(Campbell Chapter 42 Circulation 1...

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