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Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 48: Nervous Systems 1) Which of the following is (are) characteristic of a simple nervous system found in cnidarians? A) a nerve net B) nerve cell C) ventral nerve cord and ganglia D) dorsal nerve cord and peripheral ganglia E) A, B, and C Answer: A 2) Where is the most likely location of a group of nerve cell bodies known as a ganglion? A) in the central nervous system B) in the peripheral nervous system C) anywhere in the nervous system D) within the brain E) within the spinal cord Answer: B 3) The general functions of the nervous system include which of the following? I. integration II. motor output III. sensory input A) I only B) II only C) III only D) I and II only E) I, II, and III Answer: E 4) Integration of simple responses to certain stimuli, such as the patellar reflex, is accomplished by which of the following? A) spinal cord B) hypothalamus C) corpus callosum D) cerebellum E) medulla Answer: A 5) The blood-brain barrier A) is formed by tight junctions and astrocytes. B) is formed by oligodendrocytes. C) tightly regulates the intracellular environment of the CNS. D) uses chemical signals to communicate with the spinal cord. E) provides support to the brain tissue. Answer: A 6) Which of the following statements is false ? A) All cells have a membrane potential. B) Gray matter is the site of neuronal integration. C) Astrocytes can communicate with nerve cells. D) The outside of a cell is negative with respect to the inside of a cell. E) Squid axons are a model system for nerve conductance.
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Answer: D 7) The sodium-potassium pump of neurons pumps A) Na + and K + into the cell. B) Na + and K + out of the cell. C) Na + into the cell and K + out of the cell. D) Na + out of the cell and K + into the cell. E) Na + and K + into the cell and H + out of the cell through an antiport. Answer: D 8) Which of the following is a correct statement about a resting neuron? A) It releases lots of acetylcholine. B) The membrane is very leaky to sodium. C) The membrane is equally permeable to sodium and potassium. D) The membrane potential is more negative on the inside of the cell. E) The concentration of sodium is greater inside the cell than outside. Answer: D 9) Which of following is a true statement about the threshold potential of a membrane? A) It is equal to about 35 mV. B) It is equal to about 70 mV. C) It opens voltage-sensitive gates that result in the rapid outflow of sodium ions. D) It is the depolarization that is needed to generate an action potential. E) It is a graded potential that is proportional to the strength of a stimulus. Answer: D
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Chapter_48 - Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 48: Nervous...

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