lect1 - Bio 1A. Jan. 21,2009 Lecture 1. Wilt Introduction...

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Bio 1A. Jan. 21,2009 Lecture 1. Wilt Introduction to Biology I. Introductions A. Please pick up the printed syllabus and lecture schedule. Read it! It includes instructions regarding enrollment (adding and changing sections). All details for the course, including lectures notes, special assignments, etc., can be found on the Bio 1A bSpace web site. B. A year of college chemistry is required for participation in the course (equivalent to Chem 1A & 3A). C. The content of the course can be gleaned from the “schedule of lectures”. Please note that for Prof. Wilt’s lectures you can view a summary of the material covered in lecture, as well as comments on the reading, by clicking on the link on bSpace entitled: Prof. Wilt’s Lecture Notes . The material to be covered in the course includes: The chemical composition and structure of cells and the molecules that constitute it; The step-wise oxidation of reduced carbon compounds to produce energy and carbon skeletons for biosynthesis; The reproduction of cells; The transcription and translation of the DNA code and its faithful reproduction (genetics and regulation of gene expression); The development, form and function of animals. II. Biology is the study of life A. Life is difficult to define; there are lots of exceptions to many defining characteristics. It's tough to find attributes that are unique to living systems, but many characteristics are found together. Mostly, you know it when you see it. 1. Some important attributes of living systems are ability to reproduce faithfully,
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lect1 - Bio 1A. Jan. 21,2009 Lecture 1. Wilt Introduction...

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