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Homework _17 with answers - Homework #17, 02-23-09 1....

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Homework #17, 02-23-09 1. Movement of the chromosomes during anaphase would be most affected by a drug that A. Reduces cyclin concentrations. B. Prevents shortening of microtubules. C. Increases cyclin concentrations. D. Prevents elongation of microtubules. E. Prevents attachment of the chromosomes to non-kinetochore microtubules. (Ans B) 2. Which of the following is NOT true of tyrosine kinase receptors? A. When activated, the receptor directly causes a cell response. B. The alpha-helix portion of the receptor passes through the plasma membrane. C. They have non-polar side chains on the alpha-helix portion of the receptor. D. They are transmembrane proteins. E. The receptor is turned off by a tyrosine kinase. (Ans E) 3. In his experiments with bacteria, Griffith observed that: A. Mutant mice were resistant to bacterial infections. B. Mixing a heat-killed nonpathogenic strain of bacteria with a living pathogenic strain makes the pathogenic strain nonpathogenic. C.
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Homework _17 with answers - Homework #17, 02-23-09 1....

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