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Homework _15 with answers_1 - B The zygote is usually...

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Homework #15, 02/18/09 (Dr. MM-G) 1. Using the data in the table below, the best conclusion concerning the difference between the S phases for the cells beta and gamma is that A. Gamma contains 48 times more DNA than beta. B. Beta and gamma contain the same amount of DNA. C. Gamma contains more RNA than beta. D. Gamma contains more DNA than beta. E. Beta is a cell that divides twice as fast as the gamma cell. (Ans D) 2. The weight of DNA per nucleus was taken on a large number of cells from a growing root. The weight of the DNA ranged from 5 to 10 picograms per nucleus. In which stage of the cell cycle was the nucleus with 10 picograms of DNA? A. G 0 and G 1 B. G 1 and S C, Late S and G 2 D. G 2 and early mitosis E. Both C & D (Ans E) 3. In sexual reproduction A. Gametes are usually diploid.
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Unformatted text preview: B. The zygote is usually haploid. C. Gametes are usually haploid. D. Chromosome number is reduced during mitosis. D. Gametes are formed during fertilization (Ans C) 20 14 48 18 Gamma 100 Delta 16 12 24 18 Beta M G 2 S G 1 Cell Type Minutes Spent in Cell Cycle Phases 4. Starting with a fertilized egg (zygote), a series of five cell divisions would produce an early embryo with how many cells? A. 4 B. 8 C. 16 D. 32 E. 64 (Ans D) 5. Which of the following is a correct association? A. Kinase activity and the addition of a tyrosine B. Kinase activity and the removal of phosphate groups C. GTPase activity and hydrolysis of GTP to GDP D. G-protein activity and the catabolism of glucose E. Adenylyl cyclase activity and the conversion of cAMP to AMP (Ans C)...
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Homework _15 with answers_1 - B The zygote is usually...

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