Chapter 3 - Chapter 3- Culture and Society I. The...

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Chapter 3- Culture and Society I. The Sociological Study of Culture A. What is Culture? 1) Culture- consists of the values the member of a given group hold, the languages they speak, the symbols they revere, the norms they follow, and the material goods they create, from tools and clothing 2) Values- abstract ideals a) Ex: monogamy 3) Norms- definite principles or rules people are expected to observe- they represent to dos and don’ts of social life a) Vary widely across cultures i. Ex: eye contact 4) Material Goods- refer to the physical objects that a society creates, which influence the ways in which people live a) Include goods we consume, clothes we wear, cars we drive, etc b) Central aspect of a society’s material culture is technology c) Rapidly being globalized thanks to modern technology 5) Change in society’s view of smoking cigarettes 6) Japan’s issue with conformity 7) The Inuit people and smiling B. Culture and Society 1) Society- as system of interrelationships that connects individuals together a) Must exist with culture, and vice versa 2) Culture serves as society’s glue because culture is an important source of conformity, providing ready-made ways of thinking and acting for its members 3) Americans cherish individualism, while on the other end of the spectrum, the Japanese value conformity 4) Necessary to have some degree of conformity to norms in any society- accomplished in two ways: a) Members learn the norms of their culture i. Norms are so thoroughly ingrained that hey become unquestioned ways of thinking and acting- they appear normal b) Social Control- involves punishing rule breaking
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3- Culture and Society I. The...

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