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week 4 reading notes - READING WEEK 4 NOTES Body Ritual...

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READING WEEK 4 NOTES: Body Ritual among the Nacirema: Magical beliefs of the Nacirema present unusual aspects that are the extremes of human behavior North American group Little known of their origin – probably came from the east Highly developed market economy Most of the time devoted to economic pursuits but also spent time with ritual activity Fundamental belief: human body is ugly and has its tendency is toward disease Only hope is to avert these characteristics through ritual and ceremony Shrines in the house Rituals associated with the shrine are not family ceremonies but are private and secret This researcher developed a rapport with the natives to be able to examine the shrines and have the rituals described to him Each day every member enters the shrine room and bows his head before the charmbox, mingles different holy water and does a brief rite of ablution They have a fascination with the mouth – has a supernatural influence on all social relationships Without rituals of the mouth they think teeth will fall out, gums will bleed, jaws shrine, lovers reject them etc Connection between the mouth and morals Mouth-rite every day: insert hog hairs into the mouth and magical powders Seek out holy mouth man once or twice a year: ritual torture of the client. With tools he enlargers any holes which decay may have created in the teeth and put in magical materials. If no holes then large sections of teeth are gouged out so that you can put in the substance anyway
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Purpose of that : to arrest decay and to draw friends Special women’s rites done only four times during each lunar month: bake their heads in small oven for an hour Magic ridden people Acknowledgement Rituals Purpose of the essay: isolate and illuminate a micro level greeting phenomenon which occurs between strangers Because encounters between people on the street are brief then they have
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week 4 reading notes - READING WEEK 4 NOTES Body Ritual...

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