paper 4 - view of sports as a masculine entity we associate...

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Reading Response Paper #4 – Question 1 Personally, I do not feel as though the “feminine” actions by Dennis Rodman and David Beckham have any effect on our perceptions of gender roles. Athletics is not just about sports, but more importantly, it’s about masculinity. Douglas Hartmann in his article entitled “The Sanctity of Sunday Football: Why Men Love Sports” talks about the importance of sports in a man’s life. Ever since we can remember, sports have been incorporated into men’s lives in order for them to feel more masculine. Sports “provide a unique place for men to think about and develop their masculinity, to make themselves men” (232). Sports allow men to get together, bond, and play catch after a hard days work. Males heavily dominate the world of sports, in both the organization of the industry and the athletes themselves. The media also focuses its attention to the male side of sports and keeps coverage of women’s sports to a minimum if possible. Because our
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Unformatted text preview: view of sports as a masculine entity, we associate sports chiefly with masculinity. Even if professional sports players play with the idea of gender roles, their behaviors on the court and the strength and commitment they posses for the sport outweigh any off the court behaviors that may associate themselves with other beliefs. Sociologists have identified these behaviors has “tensions within the masculine culture of athletics” (236). While such actions do go against the typical image of a male athlete, the overall effect of any actions, I believe, is very minimal. I do not think these actions by Beckham and Rodman are judged as scrupulously as the judgments made of female softball players. Since females to begin with are not highly regarded in the world of sports, any stereotypes of female athletes are often magnetized. The stereotype of the “butch” softball player is taken much further than any such offenses made of male athletes....
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paper 4 - view of sports as a masculine entity we associate...

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