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Reading Response Paper #3 – “Reality is Socially Constructed” In 1966, Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann published their book entitled The Social Construction of Reality. It was in this book that constructionism became widely known in the United States. In the book they say that all knowledge, even the most simple and commonsense knowledge, comes from and is maintained by social interactions. This commonsense knowledge may differ from culture to culture and from society to society but when different people interact they do so with the understanding that their knowledge is related and their knowledge of reality is therefore reinforced. And it is because of this that the interactions between people are institutionalized, forcing meaning to be incorporated into a society. People’s beliefs and ideas about different sorts of things become a part of the institution of society and it is because of this that one can therefore say that reality is socially constructed.
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Unformatted text preview: This idea of the social construction of reality basically means that the way people present themselves to other people is based on how they interact with others and also based upon life experiences. In a nutshell, the way one perceives and views the world is highly influenced by what that person believes and where that person comes from. The “Introduction to Sociology” textbook provides the example of the arrests of various juveniles. Police were more likely to think that these arrests came because of poor parenting or supervision if they came from lower class homes. On the other hand, police would more likely release juveniles from upper class homes to the parents to receive proper discipline at home. Police associate the term “juvenile delinquent” with juveniles coming from lower class homes compared to upper class homes, even if they committed the same crime....
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