Lecture 5 9-26-07 Energy Metabolism

Lecture 5 9-26-07 Energy Metabolism - Lecture Notes Energy...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Notes 9/26/07 Energy Metabolism 16/10/2007 19:43:00 ← (reading: Vander pp. 87-101 (don’t need to know all the details), 616-620, 636- 640) ← ← currency of energy is ATP • pathways of energy are common to all eukaryotic cells ← ← Carbohydrate Metabolism • C 6 H 12 O 6 (glycogen) + 6O 2 + 38 (ADP + Pi) 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O + 38 ATP • 2 ATP via anaerobic glycolysis • 36 ATP via aerobic metabolism (oxidation) 263 kcal o ~38% efficiency • ATP: universal energy currency of most cellular processes (in form of high energy phosphate) ← ← Three main steps in carbohydrate metabolism: • Anaerobic glycolysis (cytosol) • Krebs Cycle (mitochondria) – aerobic metabolism • Oxidative Phosphorylation (mitochondria) – aerobic metabolism ← ← catabolism (breaking down food) is post-absorptive ← ← Common pathways of all eukaryotic cells • glucose converted into pyruvate using ATP (glycolysis) • sufficient oxygen pyruvate diffuses into mitochondria, enters Krebs cycle (aka T ri c arboxylic a cid cycle) o in presence of oxygen, pyruvate ill diffuse into mitochondria (otherwise, the steps in mitochondria occur too slowly pyruvate builds up in mitochondria pyruvate can’t diffuse down gradient into mitochondria) 2 NADH molecules as pyruvate diffuses in 2 CO 2 produced also o Acetyl-CoA enzyme in mitochondria o NADH act as p + and e- carriers, oxidized to NAD + and converts ADP + Pi ATP o O 2 combined w/ H molecules from H to create water • Fats can be oxidized by entering into glycolysis (glucose pyruvate) or by...
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Lecture 5 9-26-07 Energy Metabolism - Lecture Notes Energy...

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