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Marriage_and_Parenting_Lecture_Notes - MARRIAGE AND...

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MARRIAGE AND PARENTING Relationship Stages (Pat Love) 0. Infatuation 1. Post-rapture 2. Discovery 3. Connection I. Infatuation 0. The infatuation/romantic phase normally lasts 3-6 months. 1. The more relationships you have, the shorter this period gets. 2. The love “drug” is fully out of your system in about 2 years. Signs of Infatuation 3. Heightened interest 4. Euphoria 5. Increased energy 6. Loss of appetite 7. Lowering of defenses 8. Positive outlook 9. Increased libido II. Post-Rapture 0. Return to prior interests 1. More rational thinking
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2. More inclusion of other people 3. Less exclusivity 4. Less sexual intensity 5. Return to prior relationship styles Signs of Post-Rapture 10. Defenses and old patterns return 0. Pursuing (anxious-ambivalent) 1. Distancing (avoidant) 11. Pursuers start to pursue / distancers start to distance Pursuers (anxious-ambivalent) 6. Tend to talk more 7. Ask more questions 8. Highly sensitive to any form of rejection 9. Focuses on negatives not positives 10. Has difficulty taking in positive reinforcement
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Marriage_and_Parenting_Lecture_Notes - MARRIAGE AND...

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