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Family Systems Lecture Notes

Family Systems Lecture Notes - Family Systems Theory...

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Family Systems Theory Lecture Notes Overview * Systems theory * Differentiation * Chronic anxiety * Triangles Psychoanalytic Theory vs. Family Systems Theory (Freud) The psychology of the relatively autonomous individual with his/her own particular psychological mechanisms and conflict. The family is a system with an order & predictability. It is an emotional unit, which both promotes and impairs the functioning of members. Family Systems Theory (Murray Bowen) FAMILY: an emotional unit of interlocking relationships with the individuals as part of that unit rather than as autonomous psychological entities The FAMILY is a social system Characteristics of a Social System Members have direct, indirect, and reciprocal influence on each other Whole is more than the sum of its parts. Relationships among members have patterns family has structure and roles develops & changes over time (rules and meta-rules) Embedded in a larger system (which also changes)
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