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English 118W Fall 2008 Prof. Hearn Essay #2 Drafting Suggestions: Thesis and Organization Introduction : Situate your chosen passage and hint at its significance (i.e., your thesis). Example : Early in Act II of She Stoops to Conquer , Marlow and Hastings discuss the former’s extraordinary reputation for reserve. To each of Hasting’s reasons for his having confidence in social encounters, Marlow responds with a defense of his backwardness, citing the intimidation of “a modest woman” (13). Thus, while the young men’s conversation certainly lays the groundwork for the play’s comic turns, it also performs important cultural analysis, for it reveals the restricted and self-defeating lives of eighteenth-century ladies. Thesis : Sum up your understanding of the passage’s key purpose. Example : In the exchange between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine, Austen pits the middle- class ethic of meritocracy against the aristocratic code of privilege, a battle from which Elizabeth emerges the clear victor. Organization
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