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ES 140 CEE Module Group Project Overview DRD-1

ES 140 CEE Module Group Project Overview DRD-1 - Fall 2008...

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Base motion Green studs Not able to connect to a green stud. Highest points 7.5 cm < 7.5 cm – unusable floor n th upper floor n th floor n th lower floor Fall 2008 ES 140 CEE Module 2 Group Project with Dr. David DeLapp Group Project Overview Your company has been approached to bid on a project consisting of constructing a building on a prime section of real estate prone to heavy winds and seismic activity. Additionally: Dr. DeLapp will act as your client, owner and developer. Your company is going to be one of many companies bidding on this lucrative project. Each CEE module participant will be judging your building for its curbside appeal (architectural rendering), functionality (building usage) and company presentation. The top three buildings will be announced on OAK. Module participants will be divided up to form small companies. Each company will consist of three to five partners who will design, construct and test a model building from K’Nex building components. During the first week of the module you must meet with your group and decide on a name for your company and respective positions. It is recommended that the person with the best building sketch and layout from the first homework assignment be appointed as the architect. Groups will be announced and K’Nex kits distributed during the second class. Your preliminary model building will be tested on the shake table on the fourth class period (Nov. 12) and your final model building will be tested on the shake table on the seventh class period (Nov. 19). The deliverables for this project are: (i) a meeting log (required for every group meeting) describing your design process, (ii) an architect's rendition/sketch (you may use google sketchup or other program(s)) of your preliminary and final model buildings, (iii) base shear and moment caused by wind loading, dead load, live load, construction cost, rental income and return on investment calculations, (iv) preliminary and final model design information with test results, (v) a final report summary (single spaced, 2 pages max. with 1” margins in 12 font with Times New Roman characters), (vi) a 1-page building summary sheet to be displayed with your model building on the last day of the module, and (vii) an 8-minute max. company presentation (on Dec. 3 and Dec. 5) – each member of the team is required to cover his or her area of responsibility. Company Organization Organize your company so that each partner assumes one or more of the following jobs (if your group has three members, the construction manager will also be the finance and project manager; if your group has five members, there should be two engineers): Architect : to make sure that your building is aesthetically pleasing and makes an architectural statement. Additionally, the architect must gain agreement with all members on the usage of each floor (e.g. office space, apartments, upscale stores, etc.) and, since your company is small, all computations must be checked by the architect.
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