Death_and_Dying_Lecture_Notes - 4 A search for meaning(why...

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The Final Challenge: Death and Dying Integrity vs. Despair 0. Integrity 0. See life as satisfying and meaningful 1. Acceptance of death 1. Despair 2. Life is unsatisfying, full of regrets 3. No opportunity to do it over again 4. Fear of death Stages of Dying  (Kubler-Ross) 2. Denial  3. Anger 4. Bargaining 5. Depression 6. Acceptance Criticism of Kubler-Ross 0. “Stages” are not always followed 1. Helpers have tried to force people to go experience the “stages”
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Grief Process 0. Initial Response 0. Up to 3 weeks 1. Shock and disbelief (feeling empty and numb) 1. Intermediate Phase 2. From 3 weeks to a year 3. Obsessional review of the death (how)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. A search for meaning (why) 5. A search for the deceased 2. Recovery Phase 6. Decreased frequency and intensity 7. Reactivated by anniversaries and holidays Reactions depend upon 3. Personal resources 8. Attachment style 9. Coping mechanisms 4. The nature of the loss 10.Relationship to deceased 11.Suddenness of the death 12.Cause of death 5. Context of supports and stressors Funerals 0. Ritual to mark the importance of a life transition 1. Brings a sense of closure to the death 2. A way to honor the dead 3. A way to assist the living...
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Death_and_Dying_Lecture_Notes - 4 A search for meaning(why...

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