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film studies final paper - Elizabeth Sobel April 17, 2007...

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Elizabeth Sobel April 17, 2007 Film Studies Ed Sikov Rejection of the Female and Homoeroticism in Fight Club With the movie Fight Club , director David Fincher has created a modern manual for the male reclamation of gender. Through typage, imagery, and camera work, he rejects traditional femininity and heterosexual relations for dynamic masculinity and male-to-male relationships. His sequence of the narrator getting burned by Tyler Durden is a compelling example of this. This scene opens with shots of a hand turning on a burner, the blue flame, a metal pot filled with simmering fat, and a thermometer. Fincher cuts to the fat being strained into another container by Tyler Durden, who is wearing a red and white short-sleeved shirt. We then see Tyler walk past the narrator and switch the fat for another container from the refrigerator. The narrator is wearing a snug pale green shirt than emphasizes his slender frame. Fincher follows with a medium shot of Tyler, who is smoking a cigarette while explaining soap making to the narrator. The scene continues, alternating views of Tyler and the narrator. Tyler explains that in the past, ashes from human sacrifices upriver mixed with wood to create lye. He says that lye creates a soapy discharge, and we follow them to a table where Tyler puts on heavy black gloves and shows the narrator a bottle of lye. 1
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The table is lit by two light bulbs, positioned at the top of the frame. The camera moves behind Tyler for a moment then cuts back to a medium shot of both of them on either side of the starkly-lit table. The narrator’s arms are crossed, but he offers up his hand when Tyler asks to see it. Fincher cuts to a medium shot of Tyler, who licks his lips.
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film studies final paper - Elizabeth Sobel April 17, 2007...

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