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In Pausanias’ he states that there are two different types of Love, a Heavenly Love and a Common Love. Common Love is a type of gluttony and lust. It is felt only by the vulgar, there is no honor, and it values the body over the soul. Heavenly Love is based in intelligence and strength; it is occurs on a more mature and intellectual level than Common Love. Heavenly Love is permanent and exists between the two lovers for life. He later goes on to state that Heavenly Love is the most honorable virtue in the city of Athens. Many other cities do not value love, instead treating it as a sin. Heavenly Love,
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Unformatted text preview: he argues, teaches good values and ensures good behavior. This is because when two people share this Heavenly Love, they want nothing more than to please their partner. They will not take actions that would embarrass their lover, nor would they commit shameful acts. The purpose of Heavenly Love is to better yourself in wisdom and virtue. Pausanias argues Heavenly Love is beneficial to society because it forces people to act on their best behavior and continually strive to better themselves. Do we value Heavenly Love, as highly as the Athenians did, in our society today? Should we?...
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