Antigone 2

Antigone 2 - I think Antigone's original anger stems from...

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I think Antigone's original anger stems from the fact that Creon will not allow for Polyneices to be buried. Creon orders the people of Thebes to leave his body exposed to nature so that it can be violated, chewed up by the animals and worn away by the weather. Antigone is deeply angered by the fact that Creon would dishonor her brother in this way and break a law of the gods. Creon's earthly law versus divine rule is an apparent theme. While honoring her brother with a symbolic burial, Antigone breaks one of the state's laws, yet at the same time she is acting as a criminal, she is abiding by the law of the gods. In ancient Greece, pleasing the gods was a very important aspect of life. It is also a major theme in Sophocles' other works including Oedipus the King. If a law creates an injustice, is the crime breaking the law and fighting for justice or is the crime obeying the law? Martin Luther King Jr. would say the true crime is following the law. He would say, if you are aware of an injustice in the world, ignoring it and pretending it does not
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