[6]The Plant Kingdom - Seed Plants

[6]The Plant Kingdom - Seed Plants - THE PLANT KINGDOM SEED...

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THE PLANT KINGDOM: SEED PLANTS (CHAPTER 28) [1] Most seedless plants are homosporous. Are seed plants heterosporous or homosporous? How did you reach your conclusion? While most seedless plats are homosporous, all seeded plats are heterosporous, producing both microspores and megaspores Ovule (megaspotangoum)( developed into a seed surrounded by a layer of sporophyte tissue which them developed into the seed coat [2] Are the seeds of gymnosperms totally exposed? Does a wall surround the ovules? How does this compare to angiosperms? [3] Gymnosperms are classified into 4 phyla, representing four evolutionary lines. Name them. Which of these phyla share traits closer to the angiosperms? Two groups o Gymnosperms Seeds are totally exposed or born on the scales of cone ovary wall does not surround the ovules o angiosperms within a fruit (a mature ovary) flowering plants [4] Name three characteristics that distinguish the gymnosperms from the bryophytes gymnosperms o vascular o produce seeds o wind borne pollen grains [5] The conifers include pines, spruces and firs: all wood. What are the cells that act as cell water channels called? An organic compound that collects in root ducks protects the plant from insects. What is this compound called, and how does it protect? Conifers
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[6]The Plant Kingdom - Seed Plants - THE PLANT KINGDOM SEED...

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