Membranes and Transport

Membranes and Transport - MEMBRANES AND TRANSPORT I. Model...

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MEMBRANES AND TRANSPORT I. Model of the plasma membrane What is meant by the term “fluid-mosaic” membrane model? What components of a membrane have fluid properties? What components form the “mosaic”? -A cell membrane consists of fluid bilayers of phospholipid bilayers molecules in which the proteins are embedded or otherwise associated, much like the tiles in a mosaic picture. What molecules form the lipid bilayer? Why are they able to do this? What are the characteristics of integral membrane proteins and peripheral membrane proteins? Do they have similar functions? -Integral membrane proteins are firmly bound to the membrane. These proteins are amphipathic. Their hydrophilic regions extend out of the cell or into the cytoplasm, while their hydrophobic regions interact with the fatty acid tails of the membrane phospholipids. -Transmembrane proteins extend completely through the membrane -Perpheral membrane proteins are not embedded in the lipid bilayer; Theya re located on the inner or outer surface of the plasma membrane, usually bound to expose regions of integral proteins by noncovalent interactions. Peripheral proteins can be easily removed without disrupting the structure of the bilayer. What are membrane glycoproteins and membrane glycolipids found, and what are some of their functions? -Glycoproteins: carbohydrates combined with proteins, compounds present on the outer surface of cells other than bacteria. Some of these carbohydrates chains allow cells to adhere to one another, whereas others provide protection. Most proteins secreted by cells are glycoproteins. -Glycolipds: Carbohydrates combined with lipids, compounds on other surfaces of animal cells
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Membranes and Transport - MEMBRANES AND TRANSPORT I. Model...

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