3 - POLS Public Opinion Types of Causal Theory Consequences...

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POLS 11/3/08 Public Opinion 13:25 Types of Causal Theory Consequences Actions Intended Unintended Unguided Mechanical Cause Machines Interventing agent Accidental Cause Nature Machines run amok Purposeful Intentional cause Assault Programs that work Inadvertent Cause Intervening conditions externalities Hurricane Katrina = accidental cause (in relation to the table) Moves from accidental causes to inadvertent causes (but wait we did have an agency and they failed to deal with the problem) Issues being Salience – paying attention to Depending on how the media portrays issue, its easy to assign blame to actors. Provides to move from one frame to another. The way you frame an issue greatly determines the way policy changes. In order to do these you must prep public opinion. Stone (suddenly issues become important to public) Public Direction, intensity, salience, latency -Direction – Simply want to know if folks are for or against something. -Intensity – how strongly people hold that opinion. (how strong McCain or Obama) -Salience – trying to get an idea of whose paying attention to a particular issue. -Latency – attempt to get an underlying opinion (asking other questions to find out if they are racist) (well I have friends that won’t vote for him because he’s black, chances are if they have friends then they feel the same way they do) Sampling Techniques Probability sample – created from a population that is notably identifiable and then you take that sample (Sampling
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3 - POLS Public Opinion Types of Causal Theory Consequences...

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